The product line consists of: plastic multi-cavity trays and inserts, plastic salad containers and punnets, hinged and locked containers, inserts for dessert, confectionery and biscuits. The range is complemented by technical blisters and small 2 ml to 50 ml a plastic bottles.


SAWIUS ’s manufacturing is focused on design, development and production plastic packaging, based on the conversion and thermoforming of PS, OPS, PET, PP and PVC foils.

In terms, the quality of products, services and jobs in an organization is established and applied a quality management system according to ISO 9001.

Production is subjected with the rules „Production process control”, which are notified all involved employees .

Modern production hall and warehouse space

They meet strict hygiene standards and our customers' requirements. The technology used is world-class by experienced and leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment: G.N. Plastics Company Limited Canada and ILLIG Maschienenbau GmbH Co. KG Germany.

Quality production facilities and their maintenance

We place great emphasis on quality production facilities, as well as on their maintenance and safe operation. The company has made great efforts to ensure that the machines meet the highest quality and safety regulations according to the latest standards. Safety of work on production facilities is declared by the Technical Inspection of the SR with certificates for the safety of the technical equipment according to Art. 13 STN EN ISO / IEC 17020.

Our employees have years of experience in the field and are trained in accordance with Act no. 124/2006 Z.z.


Own development team

Thanks to our own development team and tool shop, we are able to meet even the most demanding requirements of our customers. We provide our customers with comprehensive services from product development to finished tools. With our experienced team, we can meet even the most demanding wishes of our customers.

Cooperation with customers

During product development, we closely cooperate with our customers with regard to technical, economic and environmental aspects. In our design department, we have the latest state-of-the-art 3D software / CAD / software to increase product development.

In extraordinary quality

During the development of the product made 3D models are used to produce tools. With the help of the CAM system, we are able to prepare molding tools at a competitive price, in the shortest possible time and in extremely high quality.

NEW CNC centers

The production of molding tools is carried out on modern computer-controlled machining centers (CNC). This mode of machining increases efficiency and quality. In tool making, all machining processes take place in a tool shop with highly qualified specialists. Through the process, we save costs for our clients and provide maximum quality.

New technology




We supply packaging to renowed food companies and to international markets in Europe including:

Czech republic